“Christian In Action”

The “Christian in Action” resource page purpose is for addressing social, moral and ethical concerns with particular attention to their impact on American families and their faith.

This page provides links to websites of Christian organizations that address these issues. Each website provides you with an option to sign up for e-newsletters as well as action alerts so that you get information on the issues that impact your faith and your family.

Ethical and Religious Liberty Commission (of the Southern Baptist Convention) – sign up to receive esalt news and esalt action alerts.

Focus on the Family Action Center Citizen Link – sign up to receive daily e-mail updates and Citizen magazine.

American Family Association – sign up to receive AFA action alerts and news.

Family Research Council – sign up to receive alerts and Washington updates.

Plugged In Online – entertainment review from Focus on the Family.

American Center for Law and Justice – sign up for the latest updates from ACLJ.