Wednesday Night Prayer List

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April 16, 2014

Prayer Requests for Members

Members & Relatives in Assisted Care Facilities

Jenny Carrier – Crestpark Nursing Home

Manning Cureton – Willowbend Nursing Home at Marion

Christine Edwards – St. Francis assisted living center

Mary Katherine Fleming – Assisted living center in Conway.

Murray Harris – River Ridge Rehab in Wynne

June Merrell –St. Francis assisted living center

Willene Rice – St. Francis assisted living center

Annette Scott – Crestpark Nursing home, not doing well

Eugenia White-St. Francis assisted living center

Continuing Prayer Needs

  1. Pam Riggs – Got a good report from her cancer doctor last Wednesday, she is cancer free. Pray for God’s direction in her life.  (4/15)

  2. Elizabeth Armstrong

  3. Kenneth Dearing

  4. Louise Hollowell

  5. Murrell Quinn

  6. James Hodges

  7. Brett Banks – Dialysis & aggressive treatment kidneys.

  8. Glendle Winslow

  9. Lois Taylor

  10. Lisa Jumper

  11. Ann Harbin

  12. Mary Willis

  13. Billy Scott

  14. Wynette Tittle

  15. Helen Cullum

  16. Ruby Irwin

  17. Evelyn Dunn

  18. Oral Edwards

  19. Pat & Mary McNamee – Health

  20. Alyene Jones

  21. Royce McEuen

  22. Robin Burns

  23. Sam & Christy Rolfe

  24. Mike Bender

  25. Bill Harrison

  26. Oscar & Doris Collins

  27. Evelyn Tyer

Service Men & Women called to Active Duty

  1. Alex Thomas – In basic training.

  2. Caitlin Hargraves –Stationed in Hawaii.  Daughter of Jimmy & Susan Hargraves.

  3. Bethny Black – Stationed in Cheyenne Wyoming in the Air Force. Daughter of Mickie Poindexter.

  4. Sam Hoffman, son of Kim (Horton) Flanagan, Little Rock, stationed at Fort Benning, GA.  Nephew of Steve and Cindy Horton.

  5. Amber Davis – Stationed in California for 2 years. Recently married.

  6. Anthony Dilday, son-in-law of Gene & Allison Crawley stationed in Georgia.

Prayer for Members’ Family and Others

  1. Eva Hall – Mother–in-law of Laura Hall had a stroke and is in the nursing home at Sherwood for rehabilitation.  (Friend of Sonya Poe). (4/16)

  2. Ashley McGowan – Daughter of Charles McGowan; had a heart attack (38 years old), she is in the hospital in South Haven, MS. (4/14)

  3. Ann Moore – She is to have breast surgery this week. Her husband is the pastor of the Manila Baptist Church.  She is a relative of Gene & JoAnn Horton. (4/15)

  4. Kenneth King – Father of Mark King, admitted to hospital in Memphis Sunday morning. Please keep this family in your prayers. (4/14)

  5. Allison Fogg – Baptist East Memphis; out of ICU, continue praying for Allison and family. (4/9)

  6. Charlie White – He is still in a lot of pain from shoulder injury from previous fall, but is now taking physical therapy 4 days a week.  (4/16)

  7. Ann Stewart – Sister-in-law of Bonnie McEuen, she is in nursing home in her home town. Thank you for your prayers. (4/9)

  8. Janet Hanner – Daughter of Dean McGregory, tests done ruled out MS & MD.  Has appointment May 1st at Semmes Murphey Clinic in Memphis. (4/9)

  9. Robby Tingle – With ABSC – Continue to pray for his time in rehab and for his recovery. (4/9)

  10. Joyce & James Gaylor, sister of Stanley Roberts.  Still very serious, very long recovery.  Please keep in your prayers. (4/9)

  11. Martha Jo Clegg – Lung cancer – very serious.  Sister of H. N. Green. (4/16)

  12. Mary Helen Lamb – Sister of Glenn Shepherd, health issues. Prayer for her and her husband. (3/26)

  13. Chris George – Involved in a motorcycle accident, being treated at the Med. (3/16)

  14. Nathan Lamb- family restoration (3/17)

  15. Mary Jones – Sister of Betty Collins.  Health, please keep in your prayers. (3/19)

  16. Latwon Whitby – Has shingles (3/5)

  17. Gwen Haven Mathias – Sister of Buzz Haven lost her only daughter. Please pray for comfort and good health as she raises her 2 grandchildren. (2/25)

  18. Crystal Seawood – Stay hungry for God’s word and humble to always follow His will and be obedient & healing for my ankle. (2/24)

  19. Kim & Steve Dillard – Please continue prayers.

  20. Flora Files – Health.   Sister-in-law of Ruth Perkins and Jane Fleeman.

  21. Marc Crawley   R57393; Sumter CI — H1116U;  9544 CR 476 – B; Bushnell, FL  33513

Salvation – Be in prayer for each one

Lee                         Craig                      Mary                       Marion                   Ruby         Larry                    Cathy                    Joe                         Terrylynn               Marvin

Judy                       Ben                         Casey                    Joe                         Lloyd

Jack                     Jerry                          Jennifer                Gil

Birthdays for April 16 – April 22

Mike Bender                   Karen Cook

Mark King                       Dean McGregory

Sarah Poindexter            Keri Shepherd

Christian Sympathy

Family of Tara Boland – She passed away last Wednesday night, please continue to pray for her husband and four children.

Ministries of the Church

Caring Touch – 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month,      Happy Dayers – 1st Friday of each month,     Flower Ministry,        Women’s Ministries – Women on Mission meets 3 months of the year.         1st Response,       Basket Ministry,       Cookie Ministry,      Preschool,     Youth,     Children’s Ministries – AWANA,     Bonus Points,     Music,    God’s Provision Clothes Closet,     Disaster Relief, Handicap Ramp Ministry.


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