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HealingMary Hosey008-31-2014
Pls. pray for our healing and for healing of my dtrs marriage
warfare prayerpirfa wilfred kumbin108-10-2014
pray to God to destroy all the forces against my life, destiny and future.
Christians of Iraq and SyriaAnonymous008-05-2014
The Islamist fighters of the ISIS decided to eliminate all the Christians of Iraq and Syria or they ordered to convert to islam in Mosul. I pray God to save the Iraqi Christians.
HealingsMary Hosey007-28-2014
Pls pray for me and many loved ones desperatae for healing
Pray for Jim and Yung, Noreen and our families (and those we love too). Pray God will completely heal us and keep us. Pray God will SPECIFICALLY do a REAL and LASTING work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Pray God will also help us in EVERY other area of our lives, and send HIS helpers into our lives to help us too. – no email here
Prayer for Health and JobAnonymous107-04-2014
Please pray for me. I need a new fulltime job with good honest people. I am miserable in the environment where I am employed. My bosses treat really bad and unfair. They make everything hard on me. I feel I need fresh start with new people. It has become so miserable that I dread going to work each day. It has got to the point it is affecting my health. My hours and wages have been cut also. Please pray that the Lord will open the door and direct me a good job with benefits. Please also pray that the Lord will heal from depression and set me free.
salvation Anonymous106-29-2014
Please pray for the salvation and deliverance of my wife Jennie and the healing our family.
Restoration and my relationship my health and well-beingAnthony Sarinopoulos006-29-2014
Please prayer for me I'm going thought real hard times in my life. I'm in my 50s I use a walker to get around I want to walk with out my walker so I can move on with my life I have real bad anxiety Panic attack Depression. All of this causes me to lose my balance shake and sometimes fall And I get dizzy Praying for restoration my relationship With my true love Connie To get back together again To communicate With each other To be more closer with each other And for Connie to gain her trust back with me And the restoration of my health and well-being financial breakthrough Thank you for your prayers
Hey restoration and my relationship And healthAnthony\'s Sarinopoulos 006-23-2014
Please pray for me I'm going thought real hard times in my life I'm in my 50s I use a walker to get around I want to walk with out the walker so I can move on with my life. I have real bad Anxiety Panic attack. Depression. All of this cause me to shake Lose my balance. And sometimes fall. Praying for restoration of my relationship with my true love Connie for us to get back together again. To communicate a lot better. To be closer to each other. And for Connie to gain her trust back with me For restoration and well-being and financial breakthrough
HelaingMary Hosey106-20-2014
Pls. pray for my healing
More beliefEero Vahter006-08-2014
I need plenty more belief, plenty more power of prayer and more Holy Ghost with me. Please pray also that God gives me gifts of God's grade.
VERY, VERY URGENT!barbara miller106-06-2014

PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY & FAST FOR COMPLETE, PERMANENT DELIVERANCE VERY QUICKLY FROM MAJOR ABANDONMENT ISSUES, LIFELONG DEPRESSION & ANXIETY.& FEAR OF LOVE & ESPECIALLY GETTING TO THE ROOT CAUSE. ALSO FOR EXACTLY THE RIGHT MEDICATION WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS. Also, that I truly forgive the people that abused me in the past and the men that abandoned me. Also, that God remove in me whatever is causing me not to choose to heal. Also, to remove the feelings of helplessness. And, for my son whose girlfriend broke up with him and he is sad (he has had some struggles with depression also)...:((( Also, for Greg to make the right decision about a job and home AND us. PLEASE leave US on the list permanently! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ALSO, FOR THOMAS, CHRISTOPHER , CYD, MICHAEL, TONY & ALISA
Please intercede with the Lord for a hedge of protection around Susan and for the restoration of the years that the locusts have eaten.
Ann Moore has breast cancer Jo Ann Horton104-14-2014
Ann Moore, my former sister-in-law and wife of Wayne Moore, pastor of Bethany Baptist Church found out last week that she has stage 2 breast cancer. Ann covets our prayers for healing and that surgery can be scheduled this week, that the lymph nodes are not involved, and for the medical staff involved with decisions concerning her treatment.
For Mary Ann to be healed of any cancer cell in her body. She is given strength,comfort,peace,energy,an appetite,restful sleep,& protection over her immune system & eyesight. Also, blood pressure in good range & stays positive! In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you & God bless you!
salvation of my wife Anonymous003-08-2014
Please pray for the salvation and deliverance of my wife Jennie.
sis in icu urgentlori burton103-07-2014
my sister Diane needs our prayers shes on a breathing tube suffering from respiratory failure, kidney failure and liver failure. I believe in miracles god is able
Praying for Godly Husband and Deliverance for ChildrenCatherine Linder201-06-2014
After 15 years of marriage to an abusive, alcoholic, unfaithful husband, I am going on 3 1/2 years of raising my 3 children as a divorced single mother. Please pray for God to send me a Godly husband to love me and my children and who will help me to raise these children for Christ. Also, pray for God's deliverance and protection for my children in their bad situation when they are with their alcoholic father.


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