Bible Study

Man studying the BibleEvery Sunday morning there is Bible Study for all ages from preschoolers to senior adults at First Baptist Church. Every Bible Study group is led by a teacher who loves Jesus, loves others, is a born again Christian and believes that God has led them to be a Bible Study teacher.

In each of our Bible Study groups the truth of God’s Word is presented in a way that is relevant for that age group. You will meet people that want to be your friend, people that have the same needs as you, people who will encourage you, rejoice with you and pray with you.

Our Bible Study groups begin at 9:30 a.m. every Sunday morning. Feel free to visit around and find the Bible Study group that is most comfortable for you.

Here is a listing of the available Bible Study groups and the recommended ages:

Nursery (newborns to 24 months)
Toddler’s (24 months to 36 months)
Three & Four years old
Five years old
First & Second Graders
Third & Fourth Graders
Fifth & Sixth Graders
Youth (seventh to twelfth grade)
Young Adults (post high school)
Adult I (twenty to twenty-nine)
Adult II (thirty to thirty-nine)
Adult III (forty to forty-nine)
Adult IV (fifty to fifty-nine)
Adult V (sixty and older)
Auditorium class (all ages)

Midweek Services_min

6:30 PM Every Wednesday Evening

Youth Bible Study – led by Bro. Greg Sutton – meets in the youth building which is located directly across the street from the First Baptist Church sanctuary building.

Adult Bible Study & Prayer Time – led by Dr. Gene Crawley – meets in the sanctuary building.