Our Ministries

picture of childrenCHILDREN’S MINISTRY: we have a wonderful ministry for children here at First Baptist Church and our workers are dedicated to making it the very best possible. [MORE]



picture of youth YOUTH MINISTRY: the future of our country! At First  Baptist Church we know how important it is for us to  equip our youth spiritually so that they can stand in  the world. [MORE]




young adults picture YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY: don’t just survive this world . . .Thrive! We have a unique Bible Study here at First Baptist for young adults. [MORE]




women's picture WOMEN’S MINISTRY: our ladies are  really awesome as they have Bible  Studies,  Simulcasts, and conferences. [MORE]



men's picture MEN’S MINISTRY: a very important ministry as men  are to be the spiritual leaders, the head of the home.  Our men’s ministry has been named “Iron Man”  ministry as men must always be on guard. [MORE]




senior adults pictureSENIOR ADULT MINISTRY: “The Golden Age” ministry of First Baptist Church. We strive to  keep our Senior Adults active here at First  Baptist Church. [MORE]