What Can I Expect When Visiting First Baptist Church?

welcome-918x350_minAt First Baptist Church in Forrest City, Arkansas we are always delighted to have visitors in any of our services. We will do our very best to make your visit with us as pleasant for you and your family as possible. Members of First Baptist Church will want to introduce themselves to you with a smile on their face and a heartfelt welcome, handshake or hug.

During the welcome time you will be given a visitors card and pen by one of our ushers. The pen is our free gift to you and our way of saying, “Thank you for visiting First Baptist Church.” Each time you use the pen or see it, we hope that you will pray for First Baptist Church. We would like to have a record of your visit with us and we hope that you will take a moment to fill out the visitors card then drop it in the offering plate when it passes.

During our worship service you will enjoy music which ranges from hymns to contemporary worship music. Also there could be special music presented by our sanctuary choir, women or men’s ensemble, people in the church and more. The words of each congregational song, projected on a large screen so that you can feel free to raise your hands, clap, say hallelujah, amen or even praise the Lord. It is our wish to make you as comfortable as possible as we worship together.

Our Senior Pastor, Dr. Gene Crawley will open God’s Word and share a message that God has laid upon his heart. You will find that Dr. Crawley presents an easy to understand and meaningful message which you can apply to everyday life.

Normally the worship service is about an hour. However we strive to follow God’s leadership and there could be times that the service is longer than an hour due to God speaking to people and those people coming forward. If our worship service goes longer than an hour please stay in our sanctuary in a spirit of prayer so that there will be no interference with God’s moving among us.

Following the invitation time our worship services dismiss with a song. Dr. Crawley and his wife Allison will be waiting at the front door of the sanctuary so that they can meet you and thank you for visiting First Baptist Church in Forrest City, Arkansas.